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go forward, support: the rugby of life

Go Forward, Support! is as much a guide to life as it is a guide to rugby.  This readable and entertaining book was written by Rosemary Schmidt who played with the iconic Beantown WRFC from 1991 - 1995. A philosophical jaunt through the cultural evolution and revolution of women's rugby, the book branches out to explore matters of art, sport, science, and the very meaning of life itself.
Rugby takes you to the edge, makes you feel alive, and reminds you what a good thing that is. Rugby is about giving your all when you know all may be lost - or won - at any moment. There is plenty of rugby to be found in everyday life, if you only look for it. 
A limited number of copies are signed by the author.  Perfect for anyone interested in the history of women's rugby and USA Rugby in general.
c. 2004 Rosemary A Schmidt
Gainline Press
pp. 187
ISBN 09708528-1-9